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Friday, 19 March 2010 15:23


"Skyping" it sounds like something in the Olympic Games that you could win a Medal for!  For this "Star Trek " like feature on my computer I give a big Thank You, and a Gold Medal to those who thought this up! Until recently I had never thought of using Skype to see clients,  well...until 6 months ago I didn't even HAVE Skype so that could be the reason! I thought I would share one small example of a recent Skype Session online with one of my clients in Romania.

One of my good friends, who has seen me before for Hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), recently moved to Europe for work and school and we are keeping in touch using Skype. She was having some problems sleeping in her new environment and feeling stressed from the big move.

We decided to try a Skype session and recreate what we had done in the office in the past. Joining us at the computer was one of her European friends, probably quite unaware of what he was getting into!

I had them get comfortable in chairs in front of the computer screen, it was evening there and a little more relaxing for them. Even though they were sitting in the middle of a big room at work, it felt cozy because we were all just focused on each other on the screen.

I started with some Hypnosis and I could see that they were both clearly responding, and becoming deeply relaxed in their chairs as I made suggestions for improved sleep and calm and peaceful thoughts for the next day. I also made the suggestion that they not fall out of their chairs! When they emerged from this wonderful place, we then focused on doing some EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, to further address some anxiety about her insomnia problems. (You can check out EFT on this site)

It went very smoothy and her friend joined in and fixed some of his own problems using EFT! The next morning I received an email from her saying that she had slept through the whole night! (a rarity) and they were both reporting that they felt great!

We were both excited that we will be able to continue our sessions for any new things that come up even though we are an ocean apart.

It is coming to my mind now, the potential to share these two techniques with those that I know and those that I don't, wherever they may be, using Skype. If you know someone that could benefit from this service give us a call...we are ready to help!

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