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Saturday, 20 March 2010 23:53


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 

Kay Phillips 


We are electrical beings, we conduct electricity. Remember the last time you walked across a carpeted floor in the winter and got "shocked" when you touched something?  My thoughts are that the Energy Meridians that run through our body, accessed in healing methods such as acupuncture for thousands of years in Asia, are our very own personal conduction system. They are pathways of organic electricity, there to give us access to correcting and rebalancing our bodies and our mind.

There are many wonderful theories on how these energetic meridians or electrical conduits are accessed to bring about a healing of the mind. You can check out books by Rupert Sheldrake or Roger Callahan and they can explain about the "Thought Field" in great detail. 

For those of us who for years have studied these theories and used these techniques in real life to help people remove negative emotions and regain their lives and their happiness, we thank our scientific teachers for giving us something intelligent to say when people ask "Now how does this work"?  Sometimes I still just say something like, "I dont know exactly how my cell phone works either but I can see it does by the effect of dialing someone and they answer"! not too scientific but they seem to get it! 

 I wrote a small testimonial on the EFT page of this site, and people have been asking to hear more examples of how this technique of tapping on the meridian points has helped others. So I thought I could share some stories with you here on my Blog page .

I have been using this method for nearly 15 years so there are a lot of stories to tell!  Hearing the experiences of others helps us to imagine how we could apply these techniques to our own problems and those of our loved ones.

I will continue to add stories of EFT and amazing healings here on this page as I remember them and encounter new ones. No real names will be used as many of these stories come from my clients that I have treated over the years in confidence . So dont worry if you are reading this and you are one of them, no one knows its you and I wont tell!

Well..... on to the next page for one such story, a Tale of a "Bee and a Girl "

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