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Like a honeymoon the term “Baby Moon” has come to mean many different things but one aspect is a constant fixture: time away. This can be done in a secluded location or in the comfort of your own home.  I was drawn to pregnancy related retreat work from my own instinctive need to create a BabyMoon for my second child.  I yearned to draw apart from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the upcoming birth and the ramifications it had on my life and the life of my family.  So I did a silent weekend retreat on my own since there was nothing out there that really fit my needs.

I took time to journal and pray and meditate.  It was wonderful to connect with that sweet new life growing within me without the distractions of life's daily demands.  I took lots of walks in nature and just took time to breathe.  Not only was my sense of connection to my baby heightened during this time, my sense of self and my awareness of the beauty of the nature all around me reached new levels.   


It was a wonderful experience and one that I really felt called to share with other women.  Our culture just does not make the space or time necessary to spiritually and emotionally honor the coming of a new child.  Through a holistic program of relaxation, visualizations and meditation, ritual, and education, I've created a place for women to connect with themselves and their babies in a deeper way.  They are reinforced in trusting that their bodies know how to bring their babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended. 


My background in sacred ritual, spiritual exercises, reiki energy healing, and natural childbirth education has given me a variety of tools to drawn on in creating this unique experience for myself and others.   I have also found in working with moms that it is important to take time afterward to integrate the birth into one’s life both energetically and emotionally.  So the experience does not stop with the prenatal retreat, but also includes postpartum birth circles for mom and baby.


For me a BabyMoon was a must and I think many other women find themselves in similar situations.  I look forward to meeting many of those women in the future and listening to their experiences and ideas

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Tappin'On The Kids 

Kay Phillips 


 My sister has 5 girls.  She lives next door.  To say that it has been a hotbed of opportunity to use EFT over the years is an understatement! 5 girls in one house...there can be drama and trauma!

Here is one story that many parents can relate to.    

During recess at school, bees were discovered on the playground, discovered by Hannah, after she was stung by one. She was about 8 or 9.  There was crying and ice packs and all the bee sting treatments, but mostly what happened was that Hannah became "Phobic" about bees. This fear accelerated over the next few weeks to the point that she wouldnt go outside, didnt want to go to school (because she had to go outside to get there) and that's where the wicked "playground" bees were of course. It was Spring, there were bees everywhere she looked and believe me it wasnt pretty if she actually saw a bee!  As you see things were getting pretty crazy next door trying to avoid bees and pretty much anything outside at this point. Who knew that a little bee could cause such panic in a child, but as many of you have seen with your own can happen.

I was finally called to "Come Over and Do Something"!.  Hannah and I started Tapping together inside the house while she thought about the bees , even the thought of bees made her cry.  After about 10 minutes and a couple of rounds of EFT she reported that "she felt fine now".  We decided to test it and we walked outside...NOTHING, no crying,no fear. We decided to walk next door to my house to see some actual bees that I knew were near my flowers by my driveway.  Sure enough the bees were there and...NOTHING happened! We looked at the bees and even talked about how "cute" they were, walked back to her house and that was the end of it. happens that fast, like a big eraser, just gone, never to return.


This is a simple story of a little Girl and a little Bee, but I have worked with people for years that have had much bigger and more complex problems and have been a witness to how fast and effective this treatment is. It still amazes me.

Visit the Blog page again for more Tapping Stories! 

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 

Kay Phillips 


We are electrical beings, we conduct electricity. Remember the last time you walked across a carpeted floor in the winter and got "shocked" when you touched something?  My thoughts are that the Energy Meridians that run through our body, accessed in healing methods such as acupuncture for thousands of years in Asia, are our very own personal conduction system. They are pathways of organic electricity, there to give us access to correcting and rebalancing our bodies and our mind.

There are many wonderful theories on how these energetic meridians or electrical conduits are accessed to bring about a healing of the mind. You can check out books by Rupert Sheldrake or Roger Callahan and they can explain about the "Thought Field" in great detail. 

For those of us who for years have studied these theories and used these techniques in real life to help people remove negative emotions and regain their lives and their happiness, we thank our scientific teachers for giving us something intelligent to say when people ask "Now how does this work"?  Sometimes I still just say something like, "I dont know exactly how my cell phone works either but I can see it does by the effect of dialing someone and they answer"! not too scientific but they seem to get it! 

 I wrote a small testimonial on the EFT page of this site, and people have been asking to hear more examples of how this technique of tapping on the meridian points has helped others. So I thought I could share some stories with you here on my Blog page .

I have been using this method for nearly 15 years so there are a lot of stories to tell!  Hearing the experiences of others helps us to imagine how we could apply these techniques to our own problems and those of our loved ones.

I will continue to add stories of EFT and amazing healings here on this page as I remember them and encounter new ones. No real names will be used as many of these stories come from my clients that I have treated over the years in confidence . So dont worry if you are reading this and you are one of them, no one knows its you and I wont tell!

Well..... on to the next page for one such story, a Tale of a "Bee and a Girl "

Skype Into Health Print E-mail


"Skyping" it sounds like something in the Olympic Games that you could win a Medal for!  For this "Star Trek " like feature on my computer I give a big Thank You, and a Gold Medal to those who thought this up! Until recently I had never thought of using Skype to see clients,  well...until 6 months ago I didn't even HAVE Skype so that could be the reason! I thought I would share one small example of a recent Skype Session online with one of my clients in Romania.

One of my good friends, who has seen me before for Hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), recently moved to Europe for work and school and we are keeping in touch using Skype. She was having some problems sleeping in her new environment and feeling stressed from the big move.

We decided to try a Skype session and recreate what we had done in the office in the past. Joining us at the computer was one of her European friends, probably quite unaware of what he was getting into!

I had them get comfortable in chairs in front of the computer screen, it was evening there and a little more relaxing for them. Even though they were sitting in the middle of a big room at work, it felt cozy because we were all just focused on each other on the screen.

I started with some Hypnosis and I could see that they were both clearly responding, and becoming deeply relaxed in their chairs as I made suggestions for improved sleep and calm and peaceful thoughts for the next day. I also made the suggestion that they not fall out of their chairs! When they emerged from this wonderful place, we then focused on doing some EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, to further address some anxiety about her insomnia problems. (You can check out EFT on this site)

It went very smoothy and her friend joined in and fixed some of his own problems using EFT! The next morning I received an email from her saying that she had slept through the whole night! (a rarity) and they were both reporting that they felt great!

We were both excited that we will be able to continue our sessions for any new things that come up even though we are an ocean apart.

It is coming to my mind now, the potential to share these two techniques with those that I know and those that I don't, wherever they may be, using Skype. If you know someone that could benefit from this service give us a call...we are ready to help!


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